The Glacier Experience – Glacier National Park Family Session

Glacier National Park + Photography. A match made in heaven! I’m so excited to offer what I’m calling “The Glacier Experience”

Lifestyle photography in Glacier National Park.  A hike, a campfire, skipping stones by the lake, take your family on an adventure and have photos to treasure that memory forever.  Sessions usually last around two hours and include all of the edited images on a flash drive. Contact me for prices.

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From the family:

Julianne/Mom – What was the favorite thing you saw or did in Glacier? “I love the beauty of Glacier Park. For sure. But, I love experiencing that beauty with my family, my husband and kids. It makes it an amazing shared experience.”

Where are you from “We’re from Missoula. We love being outdoors. Hiking, camping, swimming in rivers and lakes. We love all Montana has to offer.” 

Favorite restaurant in Montana? “It’s hard to choose just one. But, one at the top of my list would be Mambo Italiano. Super delicious Italian food in Whitefish.”

What would you recommend to other people visiting Glacier? “Not only would I recommend it, I DO! I tell anyone that says they haven’t been to Glacier, they have to. It’s truly a breathtaking, chill-making, other worldly place!”


Carson 7 – Favorite part about of Montana? “I like camping with my cousins.” 

What was the favorite thing you saw or did in Glacier? “I like standing on the rocks”


Micah-9- What was the favorite thing you saw or did in Glacier? “I liked seeing a bear through the binoculars. It was cool to see a bear.”

What would you recommend to other people visiting Glacier? “I would tell people to go to Glacier because you can see lots of animals”

PINBrynna-5- What was the favorite thing you saw or did in Glacier? “My favorite thing was taking pictures and roasting marshmallows.”PINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPIN

Robbie/Dad – What makes Glacier special to you? “Let me answer your question with another question. What doesn’t make Glacier special to you. Seriously though, I experience God every time I’m there. It’s crazy how you can live in Montana where everything is beautiful and then go to Glacier and just be blown away by the beauty.”



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